Sunday Sambhashana – A New Beginning

2023 also saw the introduction of Sunday Sambhashana, a completely open discussion on Indian Classical art forms. This gave a feel of peer to peer interaction for the audience and this series is led by Varsha Umashankar. In its first outing, the Sunday Sambhashana contemplated on both the negatives and positives of “Performance should be audience centric” as the topic of discussion. This session saw multiple view points ranging from prioritising audience preferences by the proponents to letting the artist present the art in its purest form from the opponents of the notion. Such a discussion facilitated a healthy exchange of opinions , all aimed for betterment, at both preserving the artforms and capturing the interest of rasikas (art and music lovers).

The Sunday Sambhashana spread its intellectual wings in its second episode, questioning and going over the purpose of art. Art in its truest sense has always been the epitome and marriage of talent, creativity and innovation. It’s influence on ardent admirers has always been a talking point since art conveys stories and emotions and makes history, nature and mythology more relatable. The Sambhashana also saw participants discuss how art can also convey different perspectives of history and nature, which gives viewers a chance to discuss alternate realities. Another sambhashana explored how Indian artforms can be well presented to diverse international audiences.

Baithaks and Sambhashanas takes us back in time to learn, discuss and contemplate over origins and significance of the art, but what such a platform also does is enable the audience to think over questions like Why is this art specifically like this ? or What could be a reason for this music form to omit a certain methodology or an instrument? Such discussions eventually help in realising and appreciating music and art in its purest form.

Abhishek Rajaram
Co-ordinator, SPIC MACAY Netherlands


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