Sustainability and Inclusion

Sustainability – When it comes to sustainability, the first thing we aim to do is to contemplate and be conscious of the usage of resources in the concert. As an art based organisation, creative solutions to reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle resources are attempted for different concerts across Germany. Sustainable travel options for the artists and also finding artists living in Europe has been on our agenda.

Inclusion – SPIC MACAY has been a part of the Keychange initiative since 2022. We do not encourage discussions that indulge in religious, colour or caste based discrimmination. We organize “Stammtisch” to address inclusion related topics, like “the role of men/women/diverse in earlier times in dance forms”. We try to encourage diversity in artist bands that are invited to participate.

Participation – Almost 90% of our members are either students or working professionals after completing a university degree. Our core team has a 50% representation of men/women and we have higher percentage of women members. In all our events since 2022, we see more than 50% student participation which is an achievement in the field of classical art forms.


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